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my brother's voice & valor in Vietnam

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Follow the footsteps of a teenage soldier, from Jersey to jungle. 


What is it about war that changes a Soldier and their family?


In the 99 letters Larry Smith sent home from Vietnam, his family followed his journey into the jungle and watched him grow from a peaceful teenage boy to a hardened young man.

The Vietnam War stole his voice, and he became a prisoner of his own mind.


Armed with a pocket bible, an M-60 and plenty of sarcasm, 18-year old Larry Smith survived the worst battles in Vietnam and wrote home to tell about it. Inside the 99 handwritten letters, Larry also sent pennies home to his little sister for her polka-dotted piggybank. 


Fifty years after the last letter, Tracy goes on a journey of investigative research that unveils a hero she never knew, and the buddies her brother never forgot. 

"I'm telling my brother's story now, because he never could." --Tracy Smith Himes

"This Battalion ain't nothing but a bunch of nuts".

In this book you will find:

  • A front row seat to Vietnam's most notorious battles 

  • A rare look inside the life and daily grind of a teenage soldier 

  • Topics that spur healthy conversation on mental illness such as PTSD, mental health and wellness.

  • A ride above the jungle, hanging out the side of my brother's Huey 

  • No philosophical debates, war strategies or controversy

  • Popular opinions of an unpopular war, sprinkled with humor and teenage banter


Larry Smith; Pictured Bottom Right

"War is Hell, but the girls sure are nice."

Hockey Mom, Columnist and Author Tracy Himes embraces the art of storytelling and sharing family dynamics. In her writing and speaking, she spurs healthy, holistic discussion on human topics, to empower actions that result in renewed hope and emotional healing. 



Larry Ray Smith dropped out of high school to volunteer for Vietnam, and was proud to serve his country in the Army's highly decorated 1st Cavalry Airmobile Division. He returned home, but never truly left the jungle. This is the story he wrote and lived, but could never tell.


A Glimpse Back in Time

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