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The Prettiest Ladies Came to South Asia


Miss America wrote in her diary on this date - the same date Larry wrote a letter to our family back home, and they both shared a special moment in their respective private words. It was Larry's first time flying a 'ship' by himself (20 days after arriving in Vietnam) and he shot all 48 rockets from the pod under his feet into the side of a mountain, to show off...!! Literally, to illustrate the incredible gunship firepower behind the promised protection of the First Cavalry Division of the U.S. Army. Larry never knew just how much he impressed Miss America and her friends that day.

I was honored to speak to Jane Jayroe last year and hear her incredible story firsthand.

She has a full and happy life in Oklahoma and has fond, but tender memories of her days in Vietnam. Her captivating story of service is still unfolding, and her joyous heart is as beautiful as ever. She shared her personal photographs with me and they are some of THE most precious among all of my digital treasures. Five beauty queens arrived in the middle of a Monsoon season, and their white shoes, clothes, and bags would soon be ruined. The look on Jane's face tells me they couldn't have cared less.

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